International Certification
Kiesbye Biersommelier

Since 2003: From the founder of the Diplom Biersommelier courses and the origin of the beer sommelier movement worldwide – the Kiesbye academy.


Conveniently, flexibly & autonomously acquire profound basic beer knowledge in an entertaining way and obtain a recognized degree.

We don’t just want to provide pure technical information, we want to ignite your love and passion for beer and support them in the implementation of your personal beer projects.

All learning materials are completely in English language.


Try our Biersommelier online course for free with no time limit. You will find an essence of the scripts, movie and animation examples, some fun homework and much more.

Just get to know us without obligation. Your academy specializing in beer sommeliering.

With the know-how of the best speakers for brewing technology and beer culture.

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Since January 2020: Kiesbye Biersommelier Online Course

All materials are in English language: In addition to extensive scripts (>500pages), you will also find „Special Beer Culture Moments“ to try out for yourself at home, exciting homework exercises, further documents in the literature archive, various instructional films (>300min), bonus material, weekly, voluntary LIVE sessions and streamings, as well as midterm exam assignments for self-monitoring. The individual learning modules can be completed at your own personal learning pace. Successful completion of the final exam entitles you to carry the certified title of „Kiesbye Biersommelier“ and is considered a recognized beer base training for further study to become a renowned Diplom Biersommelier.


Time for the online study

You can join at any time, the duration of the online course is usually 3 – 6 weeks. The course is to be completed within 365 days, after successful completion the account remains open for another 100 days.



Course and exam fees

950,- net (exkl. VAT.)


Further study for the diploma title: Diplom Biersommelier

If you would like, you can complete an additional advanced course at the original academy location in the Salzburg lake country to the Diplom Biersommelier and thus climb the highest, internationally recognized level!

Advanced course: 1650,- net (excl. VAT)


After registration, you will receive a starter package with learning materials and enjoyment aids for active beer moments.

Included are: Beer tasting glasses, a beer color determination card, hop and malt samples, sensory pens, beer culture magazines, professional beer literature a seminar block and a few beer samples.

Scripts, illustrations and learning videos form the basis of your self-study. Particular diligence is rewarded with bonus materials.

In addition, you will experience the campus feeling through live sessions in our academy, the campus forum in the course area, the virtual student regulars‘ table and consultation hours with course instructors.


A total of 6 challenging modules provide a compact insight into the fascinating world of beer.

The topics: Psychology and physiology of the beer consumer, history of beer production, the raw materials and technology of beer production, basics of sensory analysis, national beer styles, serving beer, beer etiquette, beer menu, beer cellar, beer and food combinatorics.

Modules are to be taken in sequence and are completed by a multiple-choice test. Jump in at any time and choose your own pace of learning.


If instead of the certificate „Kiesbye Biersommelier“ you even want to achieve the internationally recognized title „Diplom Biersommelier“ (for those who don’t do things by halves), which is protected by trademark law, you can continue after the online course.

Take our specially designed advanced course with 5 days of attendance at the Kiesbye Bierkulturhaus. With concentrated practice on site in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria.

The diploma honor takes place at a joint graduation ceremony and allows entry into the official graduate association of Diplom Biersommeliers, the largest network of beer connoisseurs worldwide!

Dates and more information to the advanced course you will find only in the internal area of the Biersommelier Online International Course.